HealthMeans has unlocked some of their most influential interviews about EMFs and 5G — gain insights from 3 well-known health experts in this full-length transcripts eBook!

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There is SO MUCH to be learned from these 3 interview transcripts — in fact, there are practically always amazing insights from these icons in natural health and wellness who have made it their mission to help heal the world!

In this 37-page document, you’ll learn about:

  • “EMF, 5G Cell Towers, Geoengineering and Retroviruses” with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • “A Danger We Can’t See” with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
  • “The Connection Between Headaches and Chronic Disease” with Dr. Jay Davidson

Here are some astonishing quotes from the interviews:

Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt
“There are two factors that drive the epitome of chronic illness: one is the WiFi environment and the other is agrochemicals, the chemicals used to grow our food. If you could control those two factors, there would virtually be no chronic illness. We would have succeeded in eradicating cancer and eradicating pretty much all chronic illnesses.”

Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
“The electromagnetic fields which are highly biologically active — they don’t actually heat the body the way an ionizing radiation or X-rays do — but the cells in your body really react to these EMFs as potentially harmful. And they shut down.”

Dr. Jay Davidson
“Viruses, parasites, bacteria, these different stressors can cause coagulation
of the blood. Even EMFs — electromagnetic fields — or what’s technically called EMRs now, electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and Bluetooth, they can also change. Cell phones right to your head can change the coagulation of blood.”

As you can see, these transcripts are full of worthwhile perspectives and tricks of the trade, so I hope you’ll take a moment to download them today.

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Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell is a globally respected speaker and leader, the author of the EMF Practical Guide, the founder of, as well as the creator of the EMF Health Summit and the host of the wildly successful Healing With Vibration Summit.

In 2002, he suddenly began experiencing debilitating symptoms around electrical devices and couldn’t use a cell phone, a computer or even public transport. Thankfully, he found a way to heal himself. His own journey with non-native forms of electromagnetic fields fueled his desire to explore this fundamental yet overlooked and misunderstood issue that affects us all and all life on this planet — energy and vibration — and motivated him to share hundreds of powerful but little known healing strategies.

He hosts the world's longest running podcast on EMFs, featuring the most respected leaders on EMFs, 5G, WiFi and all things electromagnetic, and how to protect and remediate electromagnetic toxicity. He is a profoundly dedicated leader, supporting millions of people around the globe to navigate this ever-more-difficult topic.